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Pre-Season Cricket Maintenance - Scarify & Top-Dress of Wickets

To play cricket on a good quality turf wicket, sufficient pre-season preparation is required. It includes the following:

Scarify and top-dressing:

Scarifying involves removing thatch build-up. This can be a major problem in the cricket square and a significant cause of surface faults, which results in the absorption of energy from the ball, causing it to lose speed. Regular scarification should take place to prevent thatch build-up on the square.

Planting of grass on bare patches or foot holes:

Fertilizing Program:

Control Weed Growth:

Preparation Contracts for Cricket Weeks of Professional Tournaments

Moving of Cricket Oval:

Preparations of Cricket Pitches:

Paint of Creases:

Scarify of Grass Sports Fields

Scarifying removes unwanted surface material such as thatch, dead grass, moss and surface rooted grasses; allowing for healthy root growth and improved drainage. This is carried out with a high-speed mechanical rake with sharp blades that make vertical cuts into the turf.

Verti-Drain/Aerovation of Sports Fields (Hollow & Solid Tines)

Soils can become compacted through heavy use and in high heat, especially those with a high clay content, and thatch can develop in even the hardiest of turf grasses. Aeration, the process of puncturing the surface of the soil, mitigates these problems by allowing oxygen to be introduced into the root zone, carbon dioxide to escape, and water and nutrients to more easily flow through the soil profile.

Top-Dressing of Sports Fields

Top-dressing - typically additional soil or sand added to a field's surface to keep it level, control thatch, promote growth and safe play.

Mowing of Sports Fields

Mowing is one of the most important cultural practices for maintenance of a healthy turf. Proper mowing height increases turf grass density and promotes deep root growth, both of which lead to a stronger turf that is more competitive against weeds and better able to persist under environmental stresses.

Fertilising of Sports Fields

Fertilisers is food for grass. Fertilisers replace the nutrients that crops remove from the soil. Without the addition of fertilisers, crop yields and agricultural productivity would be significantly reduced.